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Itchy beard? How to stop your beard from itching?

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“I do not know why my beard is itchy? It makes me uncomfortable!” Have you ever said this to yourself, or have you ever heard someone saying this for their beard? Yes, you might have! Having an itchy beard is typical, and it can make any man feel irritated.


It may not always be because of summers or sweat; there are various reasons or causes to have an itchy beard. Also, you can prevent your beard from being itchy.


Let us go through everything in detail.

First thing first, what are the causes of an itchy beard?

There are various reasons why your beard may feel uncomfortable. It can be the effect of environmental factors, it can be a result of a severe infection, or it can be for any other reason.

Let us look at some vital causes of an itchy beard.



  • Growing out facial hair

Sometimes your beard itches because it is growing out. You leave a sharp edge on your hair every time you shave, and hair growth can cause itchy sensations due to sharp edges scratching follicles.

This condition persists when you have not shaved for a while. You should make sure that you use a new blade for every shave.


  • New beards

It is common to have itchiness when you decide to grow a beard at first. As you shave, you leave a sharp edge to each hair follicle, and once the hair begins to grow, the bristles of the hair scratch against the edges, causing an itchy stubble.


  • Dry skin

Dry skin develops when the weather is dry or cold or due to genetic factors, the use of certain medications, and some diseases. Shampoos, soaps, and other facial products can also affect natural oils, dry your skin and make your beard itch.


  • Fully grown beard

If your fully grown beard feels itchy, this is due to the dry skin under the beard. Facial hair removes the moisture from the skin, and it can make your beard flaky and even cause beard dandruff. Also, dead skin cells that usually get released by daily face washing and the dirt and oil can cause skin irritation.


Let us know about the remedies or guidance for the calmness of your itchy beard.


Remedies for an itchy beard

  • Maintain hygiene and beard care

Keep your face and beard sterile to prevent oil, dirt, and bacteria.

Bathe regularly or wash your beard with warm water every day.

Do not forget to use beard wash meant for beard care. Use a beard conditioner with essential oils to keep your beard hair naturally oily.

Whenever you shave or trim your beard, use a natural aftershave wash or lotion containing tea tree oil or aloe vera. Avoid products that have many harsh and synthetic chemicals.


  • Dry your beard in the correct way

You should ensure to dry your beard correctly, and that is patting it with a towel and not scratching it.

If you blow-dry, apply some beard oil first, and it has nutrients to withstand the heat better. You should set it at the lowest temperature possible to not irritate your skin.


  • Make use of beard gel and comb.

A comb is good for more than enabling you to straighten your beard. We recommend combing your beard to keep everything straight and eradicate any tangles after using a moisturizing gel.

Beard gel and comb remove the itchiness, and the beard’s shape becomes more defined.

If you are looking for an easy way to prevent itching and shape your beard, check out Mancode’s beard gel and other products from their range.


  • Hydrate your beard

For hydration, a good beard conditioner may not be enough. Boost your routine with a daily dose of beard oil and beard balm. Mancode’s beard oil and balm are made with argan oil, ideal for softening hair, and will not leave greasy remains. Oh, did we mention it smells incredible?

Beard balms and oils help hydrate and moisturize your beard. These products are a must in fighting itchiness and irritation, and they keep your beard soft, skin moisturized, and flake-free.


  • Do not choose chemicals.

Chemicals are the worst thing for your beard, and chemical products can lead to skin rash and irritation.

When shaving or trimming the beard, avoid using foams, washes, or lotions that contain harsh chemicals. Unless it is pretty essential, stick to a more organic way of maintaining your beard.


  • Trim, trim, trim

An untrimmed beard draws a lot of infections and microbes. Also, it looks messy and gives a wrong impression. Apply shaving cream or gel.

So, do not forget to trim your beard when it is necessary.



Let us wrap up

If you are undergoing a beard rash, give your skin some time to calm down. Do not shave or irritate your skin in any way. Apply gentle products to soothe the irritation and nurture the dry skin under the beard.

Beards can get highly itchy, mainly if you grow one out for the first time. Practicing proper hygiene and treating any infections can solve this problem.

Also, do not forget to use beard products like oil, balm, and conditioner.

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