How to Increase Instagram Followers in 20 Steps

If you are new to Instagram as a brand or person, sharing photos and trying to increase your most instagram followers count can be quite a challenging process. Especially in Instagram accounts that are opened for the first time for brands. You will have to work very hard to get new people to follow you and reach your customers. Although it seems like a very difficult process, if you can continue the Instagram follower increase methods that I will share with you in detail below, you can be sure that you will start to increase new free instagram followers and likes in the short and long term.

Everything we do to increase your Instagram followers with small steps below will also increase your interactions in direct proportion. It will help you increase both your likes and new followers by ensuring that your photos reach more people Instagram is a platform that’s rife with potential..

How to Increase Instagram Followers in Easy Steps

1- Hashtag Usage:

Whether you are trying to increase your followers for a new brand’s Instagram page or for your personal account, the easiest way to reach people organically related to you and your post is to use the right hashtag.

# If the photo you have uploaded is for your personal account, do not forget to choose popular hashtags depending on your content.

# Use branded hashtags (hashtags specific to your brand) or hashtags relevant to your target audience.

2- Like Related Content: for instagram followers

Like the images of your personal account or other instagram accounts you see related to your brand. According to the Instagram follower research conducted by Neil Patel, every 100 photos you like from the relevant accounts return to you as 6.1 followers.

3- Contests for instagram followers

If you are trying to increase your Instagram followers for your brand page, try to organize competitions where you give small gifts about your brand. In these competitions, prefer to ask a question about your brand other than the classic like-join concept.

4- Other Accounts:Encourage people to follow you on Instagram by sharing in an appropriate language that you also have an Instagram account on other platforms you regularly use, such as Facebook and Twitter, to increase your brand’s Instagram likes.

# You can tell people to follow your Instagram account for such content by finding a type of sharing that is unique to your Instagram account. For example, you can only share behind-the-scenes images on your Instagram account in a social media management related to the movie.

5- Comments: on instagram followers

Try to make comments on people’s photos that show you are really interested in the subject. Users who realize that you are approaching their photo with interest will soon be following your Instagram account.

6- Timing:

Upload your photos between 2:00 and 17:00 to get more interaction. According to studies, the average amount of interaction with a content is seen at the highest level in these time intervals.

7- Research:

If you are working on increasing Instagram followers for your personal account, follow the tags related to your own topic and like and follow new people. In a short time, dozens of people will be starting to follow you.

# Some of the profiles that follow you through these hashtags may be bot accounts. But it won’t hurt to gain new Instagram followers for your future work.

8- Cleaning:

Delete your unnecessary and poor quality photos to make your profile or brand page look more professional and followable. No one will want to follow a profile that makes such posts. And your current followers will start to unfollow you over time.

9- Sponsored:

If you also consider allocating a budget to increase Instagram followers, it is possible to reach very large audiences in a short time with advertising options. You can refer to my Instagram Advertising Guide to create sponsored content correctly.

# You can also use reliable websites to buy Instagram followers. Flowline Center is one of the best website to buy Instagram followers, I suggest to use their services for increasing your real Instagram followers.

10- Filter:

If you prefer Instagram especially for product marketing and try to increase your followers. You can use the Mayfair filter in your product posts. According to the researches, this filter was chosen as the most effective filter on its own.

11- Biography:

Take care to use the biography section that Instagram gives to users with a certain character limit, effectively. In this area, try to pass the leading keywords related to your person or brand with #hashtag appropriately.

# If you want to gain new instagram followers, be careful not to exceed 5 in the number of hashtags you will use in the bio field.

12- Ask Questions:

Give people a reason to comment by adding small questions to a corner of the photos you have shared. In this way, both your interaction rates and, accordingly, your Instagram follower count will begin to increase.

13- Sunday:

Sunday is one of the days when Instagram users spend the most time in the application during the week. Do not forget to add a few photos and apply other items in today. Thus, you can increase your interaction rates more and more than normal days.

14- Be Determined:

Always remind yourself why you opened your Instagram account and what you aim for. If you continue to share regularly with determined steps on the path you have taken, your number of Instagram followers will start to increase organically. The point you need to pay attention to here is that you should not leave the subject you are sharing.

15- Take Action:

Include patterns that will mobilize your users in your photos or in the direct comment section. Ask them to tell what they think in the comments section or ask them to share their experiences about your photo.

# For example, under the photo you took at a vacation spot, “Where was your best vacation spot?” Invite users to comment with questions such as, or even tag their friends under your photo.

16- Frequency:

Do not hesitate to share photos on your profile frequently. Union Metrics research shows that frequent posting does not negatively affect your photo interactions. On the contrary, it turned out that frequent posts made at the right time intervals greatly affect the increase in Instagram followers.

17- Recommended:

Do not forget to follow the people that Instagram recommends for you, especially your Facebook friends and people directly related to you. For this, you can easily find your friends on different platforms by pressing the gear icon in the upper right corner. On average, 2 out of 3 people you follow will be following you back.

18- Location:

Do not forget to add a location while uploading your photos. Especially if you are trying to increase the followers of your Instagram page for a local store or business page, you can add locations to the photos you share so that potential customers in the vicinity can see your photos in place searches.

19- Onlypult:

We mentioned that sharing photos frequently does not cause any problems, but instead of uploading photos repeatedly, it would be better if you prefer to share photos with a minimum of 1 hour intervals. For this, Onlypult etc. You can choose applications that you can schedule for the future.

20- Engage:

Do not hesitate to follow new accounts related to your brand or person, like their photos and add your comments in a friendly language to their photos. With both your one-to-one contact and sincere comments, you can direct a few people related to your subject to visit your page.

# After expressing your opinion sincerely in the comments you have made on the photos related to your subject, you can invite users to review your profile by writing a footnote to what your brand or person has done.

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