12 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions to Take In 2023

Health Resolutions

Health Resolutions While we are at the end of year 2022, the time when we encountered the worst, it’s time to prioritise our health first. With the arrival of Xmas and New Year eve, most people want some resolution to bring a positive impact in the life. This new year you can take some outstanding health resolutions to stay fit and health not only externally but internally as well.

In this blog, we will let you find the path to stay fit and healthy while boost your metabolism and immunity. So, don’t miss to read this blog.

Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet Health Resolutions

Do you know eating fast can make you gain some extra pounds? As per research, those who eat fast are mostly overweight in contrast to the people who relish food slowly. This is 115% more likely to take place in middle-aged women. While eating, the body secretes fullness hormone which triggers the brain that you are full and now stop eating.

Although, it needs 20 minutes to trigger, fast eaters can consume excess food which make them receive the signal much later. That’s why you will experience post-buffet bloat. So, next time when you are going to have your meal be conscious and eat slowly to notice the impact on appetite.

Have plenty of water Health Resolutions

As per doctor saying, you should drink 8 glasses of water each day. But most people can’t control while having any liquid per day. Remember, it consists of beverages like coffee, sodas, tea and lots more. Human body doesn’t contain beer or soft drinks. Therefore, in terms of your age about 60% of body consists of water.

Moreover, a number of benefits are there to drink water like it energises muscles, hydrates the skin, promotes the kidneys’ health and controls intake of calories. As more hydrated as less craving you will get for unhealthy and sugary beverages. If you face any further health problems then look for ‘private GP near me’ for check up and treatment.

Go through Healthy nutrition levels

Go through the nutritional labels on edible items while purchasing in case you want to shed off extra pounds. Check for the calorie amount it has for 1 serving.

By going through the nutritional label you can come to know what nutrients it has to offer apart from marketing labels such as ‘zero sugar’, ‘low fat’ and ‘high in fibre’. Remember, all these are misleading as a product with high calcium can be high in glucose as well. So, reading the label is very important.

Consume more fruits and veggies Health Resolutions

The health survey with 65000 persons find out the people who consume more portions (7) of raw veggies and fruits per day have reduced the dying risk up to 42%. It is contrast to the persons who have below 1 portion each day. While you are looking for fresh produce, you may end up getting canned and frozen items which can heighten the dying risk by 17%.

You can add any salad of your choice to your platter for every meal. Also bring freshly cut fruits to your workstation so that it becomes your favourable snack when you crave for something.

Have less sugar and salt

The use of sugar and salt to prepare food is inevitable! If you increase the consumption of sodium you are at prone to high blood pressure that will accompany to stroke and heart disease. So, make sure that your intake of sodium is limited to 5g each day.

Cut off the use of salt and high-sodium condiments like fish sauce and soy sauce to prepare food. Also you can avoid the use of seasonings and extra salt while taking food. Remember salty snacks must be avoided and switch to low-sodium items for better health.

Extra consumption of sugar will heighten the chance of sudden weight gain and dental decay. Sugar intake must limit to below 10% of total consumption of energy in both kids and adults. According to WHO, it is better to consume below 5% of intake of energy for additional benefits to health. Just avoid intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, candies and sugary snacks from your meal.

Add exercise to your routine (minimum) 3 times a week Health Resolutions

As per Active Health (initiative of Singapore Sports Council) every adult should indulge in minimum 150 minutes of moderate to strenuous activity per week. But only a few percentages of people do so and follow the health norms perfectly. However, it may sound difficult and you can attain the level by working out more. Even you can start with an activity that you enjoy the most.

Quit smoking

Even when legislation put disease-riddled picture on cigarette boxes and cut off the endorsement of tobacco for last few days, you must kick it off too. As per study, 1 in 6 people die at an early age because of tobacco-related issues.

Saying no to a cigarette is really challenging and if you can do it this is going to be a life-changing for you. You can impose certain strategies like nicotine replacement therapy, relaxation technique like breathing, support groups and exercise to quit this bad habit.

Limit the consumption of alcohol

To some extent, alcohol consumption possesses certain health benefits. But unlimited consumption can result in numerous health issues like behavioural and mental disorders. It includes addiction and dependence on alcohol, severe NCDs like heart disease, cancers and liver cirrhosis. Even it can lead to collisions, road clashes and violence.

Have a fitness tracker

Fitness tracker becomes a trend. It makes the lives of people easy with easy accessibility of their health status. Get yourself one and track the record of your heart rate, footsteps, calorie you burn and your walking distance. This intelligent-wrist-based device is really helpful for fitness freaks.

While a few years ago the accuracy of these devices was controversial, it has remarkably improved over the last couple of years and makes a household name for reputation, reliability and accuracy.

Sleep well Take 6-8 hours of power nap

Every adult should take 6-8 hours of sleep every night to feel completely refresh and wake up next day. But the research states that if people sleep less than 7 hours a day, then they are more likely to get premature death.

However, at the same time you must ensure not to oversleep. Oversleep or sleeping for about 8-9 hours can put you at risk of dying prematurely. Just take plenty of sleep and wake up on time without hitting snooze button multiple times.

Keep your mental health in check:

Laugh and smile more

It is the simplest yet most powerful to enhance your mental health. So, don’t ignore your mental health and laugh and smile all with your heart. With laughing people take deep breath that helps in inhaling more air for stimulating the muscles, lungs and heart.

Even brain secretes endorphins for positive influence in your mood and physiology keeping you in happy and better state. Keep smiling and laughing as it is the best medicine.

 Undergo regular health check up

Regular physical and health check up will help in identifying the issues prior they become severe. It assists in early detection of health issues so that you can seek treatment on time and cure quickly. Visit your nearest private medical clinic to check the available health screenings, treatments and services for you.

Besides all of these, people can fall ill anytime and when you experience something unusual visit a private GP in London. Prevention is always better than cure! And early intervention will make you receive the right treatment before the condition becomes intensified!

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