Dublin Travel Guide – How to visit Dublin on a budget

Dublin, a city in Ireland, is known for great craiccraic” or humorous people. The very trait inspired writers, authors, intellectuals, and visitors for centuries.

Apart from craic, it is famous for its historical buildings, architecture, and museums major European capital. Like any other European city, visiting Dublin can be expensive. 

But even if your budget is tight and your pockets are light, you can ensure a budget-friendly trip. Be it opulent castles or high-end delicious food, you certainly would not want to miss out on any. The blog lists some ways to travel to Dublin on a budget .

8 tricks to travel Dublin without breaking the bank

Dublin operates as a primary attraction for tourists as it hosts a selection of top accommodations with drooling landscapes. It hosts the beautiful transition between rural and urban charm. You should not miss it. Here is how you can ensure the best Dublin trip without exhausting your savings:

1)    Consider traveling in late summer or spring

can also be the best time to visit, weather-wise September is the month when children move back to school and is usually the ideal time to travel to Dublin. The city witnessed peak visits in March and December. It is due to Christmas and New Year celebrations.

But winters are the best for someone with a tight budget. If you opt for a winter visit, ensure that the places you want to visit are open. Ireland witnessed refurbishing times during which some businesses close.

2)    Check the most affordable air route to Dublin

As Dublin shares the best air connectivity globally, you can spot many cheap air routes. You may not find many rail routes here from the UK or supportive cities, but surely book an economical air route.

You can ensure both train and sea routes by ferry if you want. Ferries are famous and the cheapest way to travel to Dublin. With maximum costs for each person varying up to €45/person depending on the place in Dublin.

Tracking your budget is challenging when you travel to a place for the first time. Do not panic if you have limited cash. You can get one anywhere if you are a little short of cash. You need to search and contact the best money lenders in Dublin for instant money. You can get in within half an hour and can enjoy the rest of the Ferry journey without worries.

 The ferries usually drop you at walking distance from your destination or near car booths. You can decide your route accordingly.

3)    Find cheap accommodations

Dublin offers an excellent selection of homes to rent up for a limited stay or a week. The accommodation provides facilities like breakfast, dinner, etc. You can select, or they offer it complimentary.

 Identify what you want to have per your day plan and the timings. You can either check hotels or cheap hostels to save a few pennies.

Check hotels like Jacob Inn, Isaacs Hostel, and Airbnb in Dublin for cheap hotels.  You can also check Dublin City Apart Hotel IFSC for a comfortable stay if you travel as a couple.

4)    Check free things to Do in Dublin

Yes, you have read that right. There are things that you can do free of cost in Dublin. Here are some aspects to check:

·        Take a hop on a bus for a small Ireland tour

·        With an airport bus ticket, you can visit the Museum of Dublin for free

·        The popular Trinity College is a wonderful walk to ensure without pennies

·        The Oscar Wilde statue with memorials to check for free

·        The temple bar markets. Famous for live Irish Music, have products free to use

·        Dublin is a city of museums, out of which Dublin Castles hosts the best one

·        The National Gallery of Ireland is free to explore

·        You can visit the Irish Museum of Modern Art and National Museum of Ireland for free

Check your interests and Google the free plays or happenings you cannot miss in the city.

5)    Find cheap places to eat in the city

Dublin is most famous for its food Dublin Coddle. It is a regional dish in the form of thick soup cooked with leftover sausages, bacon and potatoes. The city is famous for dishes like Guinness pie, colcannon and Barnbrack as breakfast. You can visit Reyna, where you can find many cheap dishes.

 If you are a big fan of Dublin burgers, you can check WOW Burger and Dash Burger for dining in and takeaways. There is a great place for pizza lovers too. You can check Di Fontaine, which hosts a nearby sitting spot. Pizzas are yummy with being cost-friendly.  Apart from that, here are some other places to visit for cheap food in Dublin:

·        Madina for cheap curry

·        Pepper Pot for an authentic Irish dish

·        Green 19 for Roasted dinner

·        Mexico to Rome for wine and starters


6)    Travel cheaply within the city

The transportation channel in Ireland is vast. When travelling on a budget, hiring a cab every time could prove costly. Instead of that, you can switch to cheaper travel alternatives within the city. Check the earliest way to reach a particular destination. If it is by bus, you can travel more affordable.

You can also check trams. For one way, it costs just around €2 and peaks fares are lower. You can hardly spot a train service to the airport, but the bus is definitely a cost-friendly alternative. You can travel up to an international airport for just €7. Buses are a great way to explore the city in its true form without worrying about the fares.

7)    Use Go City Pass to visit expensive city attractions

Heading back to your native place without visiting the iconic spots is simply a waste of a trip. There are some spots though expensive, but a must-visit. If you are worried about the costs, Go City Pass can help you. Yes, travelling cheaply in Dublin is possible!

The pass helps you explore around 32 places in the city cheaply. The must-visit attractions with Go City Pass include- Dublin Castle, The Guinness Store House, The Irish Emigration Museum and much more!!

8)    Go for sight-seeing and people watching

Dublin is an ideal picnic spot for selfie lovers. The city hosts some of the most beautiful picnic parks. Georgian Square is the best. If you get exhausted travelling and relaxing, grab quick snacks at George Street Arcade. Grab anything from sandwiches to sweet bites. The best part is- these are economic delights!

While exploring the city, one could hardly keep track of the belongings. Have you lost your wallet on the tram? Such things happen. No, you do not need to starve. Check quick loans in Dublin for 15-minute cash. Keep yourself hydrated and full to enjoy the rest of the day. Make moments count.

Bottom line

If you plan to travel to Dublin for a week or two, these tips will help you ensure the best travel experience. Apart from these, book flight tickets 3 months before the trip to fetch cheaper rates. It would help use the saved money on shopping trip essentials.

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