10 Best Resorts in Wayanad For Family

Best Resorts

For those who enjoy the outdoors and exploring new places, Wayanad is a veritable paradise. Wayanad provides tourists a unique experience with its luxuriant foliage, mist-covered mountains, and lovely streams. Wayanad is the ideal location for an adventurous weekend away with friends or a fun-filled family holiday. You may discover luxurious resorts in Wayanad for families that are meticulously constructed, well situated, furnished with care, and outfitted with genuine hospitality. Here is a list of ten best family resorts in Wayanad.


The Woods Resorts in Wayanad is nestled away from the bustle of the city, tucked away amid the peaceful and lovely tropical forest. The resort is surrounded by beautiful vegetation, plantations, and woods, making it the ideal vacation spot for anybody searching for a peaceful time with friends and family. Since The Woods Resorts is a forest-themed resort situated against a backdrop of lush greenery and offers you first-rate services and friendly hospitality amid the picturesque views of nature. In order to provide domestic and foreign travellers with the flavour and perfume of Wayanad, they purchase organically produced regional and tribal spices and condiments for a fine and upscale dining experience. They adhere to the notion of living in harmony with nature. They tried to use environmentally friendly construction methods as much as feasible in an effort to contribute to environmental harmony. The Woods’ philosophy is reflected in every square inch of the land, and the resort’s visitors are given nothing less than the purest food, drink, and air.


This resort is the best option if you’re seeking for a tranquil entrance because it is surrounded by beautiful vegetation. The incredible lodging options include pool villas, cottages, and treehouses. Your decision may be influenced by your objectives. The most wonderful thing about staying at this resort is that you may have the best of both worlds because it combines traditional and modern components. Because of their unique design, the rooms give off an unrealistic impression of their surroundings. The fact that you can quickly visit the neighbouring scenic spots is the biggest reason to choose this resort. Additionally, the resort offers various guided tools that might enhance your vacation experience.


Wayanad Silverwoods is a luxury, spacious, intimate, and wonderfully themed hideaway for travellers seeking a variety of enriching living experiences without restrictions. It is perched on a hill lock and snuggled on the banks of the endless stretch of the Banasura Sagar dam. For vacationers looking for a quiet getaway away from the stresses of daily life, Wayanad Silverwoods is the ideal tourist destination. With an amazing perspective of the area, it is situated in the evergreen highlands at the highest point in Wayanad. Decorated and equipped with all necessary conveniences, it is constantly ready to provide visitors with all services, food, genuine and first-rate accommodations that mix comfort with outdoor activities.


You may experience luxury and nature to the fullest at this opulent eco-friendly resort, which is tucked away among the western ghats. The most appealing aspect about staying at this facility is that you may pick from a variety of lodging options, including suites, luxury rooms, and art rooms. Each room has been expertly created, with the ideal fusion of modern and contemporary architecture. The earth chambers, which are totally constructed of mud and provide a cooling effect, are a good choice if you wish to have an unusual experience. The restaurant has fantastic amenities where you may amuse yourself.


With its vast vistas of green coffee farms, Willow Resorts, located within Wayanad’s gorgeous terrain, provides a peaceful haven. Each large room is thoughtfully constructed for comfort, ensuring that visitors wake up to stunning views from their balconies. The resort offers a verdant garden to explore and an attractive outdoor pool for guests to unwind. The on-site restaurant offers delicious dining options to customers.


Le Villagio is a stunning Resort and Domes in Sulthan Bathery. They take pleasure in their serene decor and the many facilities available on their property. Their vacation rentals are a great option for visitors, tourists, and business travellers wishing to experience Wayanad’s alluring beauty. They are designed to make your trip relaxing and unforgettable. There are indoor activities, an outdoor terrace, an adult pool, a kid’s pool, a Kids Park, and some of the greatest resort amenities on-site. Le Villagio is created to meet your travel requirements, whether you’re travelling alone, with family, friends, or coworkers.


With beautiful views of the magnificent Banasura Sagar Dam, this resort is situated on ten acres of lush vegetation. When you visit the resort, you may take advantage of its fantastic amenities and activities. If you prefer a quiet vacation in the hill station, you definitely reserve this property because there are also fantastic activities for youngsters, such as fishing and boating. The large rooms come equipped with all the modern conveniences you’ll need to make your stay unforgettable.


One of the top resorts in Wayanad is LakeRose Wayanad. Travellers love this opulent resort because it offers a relaxing stay with lots of amenities. It contains a café inside, a gaming area, a well-kept garden, and facilities for outdoor games. All of the rooms are furnished with contemporary conveniences and are constructed to maximise traveller comfort.


This opulent boutique resort is situated in a charming hill town amidst wonderful coffee and spice plantations, making it the ideal getaway for you and your family and friends. This property should not be overlooked if you enjoy the outdoors. There are about 18 lovely cottages in this area, all of which have contemporary utilities and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Booking the unique treehouse accommodations is a must if you want to have an experience you won’t forget. The facility is beautiful overall, and the resort has fantastic activities you can participate in. There is also a spa option, which may help you relax and unwind.


This upscale resort offers visitors a magnificent view of the Karapuzha Lake and its surroundings. You will enjoy the breathtaking views at Vistara as well as the private balconies, the breathtaking gardens, and the leisure facilities available. One of Wayanad’s top resorts, Vistara is tucked away peacefully on the waterfront of Karapuzha Lake, near the picturesque Ambalavayal hamlet, and a leisurely stroll from the famed Edakkal Caves.


To cope with daily life, we all require a true stress reliever. Nothing compares to taking a vacation in a hill station like Wayanad with everything you could possibly want, including tranquil hills, beautiful mountains, rich vegetation, mesmerising waterfalls, and a relaxing environment. There are numerous resorts providing holiday packages in Wayanad to enjoy the family trip without overspending.



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