Don’t miss out on the First Class flight deals

First Class flight deals

These seats are not offered by budget airlines First Class flight deals and only a few domestic airlines will offer these. These are offered mostly by airlines engaged in international travel. You can consider it luxury travel, like fishing in an expensive yacht equipped with everything or being picked up by a limousine at the destination airport, on the way to a 5-star hotel. Only the extremely wealthy will travel this way unless you want once in a lifetime experience or these have been given to you as an expensive gift. It will be preferred by those who need extreme privacy for their work or who prefer their own company over that of others.

You pay more to get more

The cost of seats in these cabins is many times over the price of economy and business class tickets. It’s difficult to call these seats as you will have more than one seat, you will have a large section of a cabin to yourself. You will have a large seat that can be expanded into a bed and you will have an air hostess dedicated to you for anything you may need. The experience varies from one airline to another, as in some airlines you will get a double bed to rest while in others you will get a single bed. You will have a minibar and in the case of some airlines, you can go to a counter managed by an air hostess, exclusively and have your drinks prepared and collected from them. You may be after discounted First Class flights if you can get them but you are paying more because you will have a large part of a cabin all to yourself.

The reasons why discounts are offered for these

If you are able to get them, the discounts in their case will mean savings of thousands of dollars and airlines do offer these for less when they have a reason for it like a festive period. In case of these flights booking early will be beneficial to ensure availability, as not many are offered on each flight. However, there are chances for you to get cheap First Class flights. As in some cases, these may not get booked on time, particularly in off-season time. In this case, you could hope to get this class of seats for less. There will be upgrade offers for business class passengers too. If you have earned lots of miles or reward points then you may get these upgrades offered on a priority.

So, how is the first-class cabin different?

  • You will be served meals and beverages like in a high-end restaurant. You can inform what you would like to be served when you book First Class flight deals airline tickets or you can choose from a large menu after you have boarded the flight.
  • You will be able to carry more luggage and more handbags, without additional charges.
  • The in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi will be complimentary too. You will have a drawing room-size screen in front of you for your personal use.
  • Your items will be checked in on priority and you will be among the first to board the aircraft.
  • You will also be provided access to the premium lounges at airports, where available.

Why do so few airlines offer these?

These seats are a big investment for airlines offering them. The charges are higher because you have more space for yourself, and instead of this single-seat, they could have many more seats in that very cabin. So, you are paying for all the seats together and for the facilities that are provided. Now, if the seat doesn’t get booked, there could be a significant loss in terms of revenue. So, there are airlines that don’t want to take such risks, while there are others that are confident of finding suitable passengers for these. It is also a way to promote yourself as a luxury airline that offers more or different comforts than others. Most people prefer these when they fly long distances, like flights from Los Angeles to Tokyo. As, if you are flying for over 2 to 3 hours you might want to relax and not before that. Also, most people will not prefer these for short-duration flights, as it doesn’t appear to be worth it for most people, for such flights.


No matter how wealthy you are, you will only pay for something when you feel the price is right. Yes, richer people have a more comfortable life and they have the deep pockets to pay for anything they desire First Class flight deals. But these first-class seats are one way for you to live like a millionaire for a few hours!

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