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YouTube is the most popular Go Live video hosting platform in the world. 2.3 billion people are using YouTube. It’s the most popular platform to gain a fanbase for your business.

With many companies taking advantage of the YouTube user base to gain conversion of their traction drives, it is sensible to be aware of some of the benefits of YouTube. The popularity of YouTube is increasing exponentially. YouTube is the ideal option for anyone who wants to build their brand recognition.

In the following article, we’ll show you how to live stream on YouTube and communicate with others in real-time through video. Live streaming has become extremely popular recently because of its casual and informal style. It helps people learn more about you and your company and expand your exposure.

Here’s how to Go Live stream live on YouTube

Make sure to enable the channel

You’ll need to verify your identity before you can live stream on YouTube. Just go to and add your phone number. You will be provided with a verification code that you must enter into the screen.

Once you’ve been verified, you can go on to YouTube Live. YouTube live dashboard and click the Create button in the upper right-hand corner.

Select go live. The important aspect to remember is that it could take up to 24 hours for the activation of YouTube. YouTube account.

If you’d like to record live on your mobile, you need to go to the YouTube application and click the camera icon. It’s located on the right-hand side of the screen. After that, click on the button to GO Live.

You’ll need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to go live on your mobile.

Record the Go Live stream

Next, determine what method to create the stream live. Webcam, mobile cam, and encoder stream are the most popular to record live streams. An encoder is a software for recording that allows you to use higher quality audio o and video equipment.

Begin to record

Before you stream, it is essential to have the basics in place first. Make sure you have the tile ready, as well as a brief description. As quality audio well as set the thumbnail in advance.

They are crucial because they give viewers a brief overview of your streams is likely to focus on. Consider it like modern-day posters for your company.

Here’s how to accomplish YouTube Go Live streaming on your desktop computer.

  • Visit your account on YouTube.
  • Click on the camera icon, which is located on the top right-hand corner
  • Then, click Go Live and select your webcam.
  • Include the title, and select how to protect the streaming’s privacy.
  • When all is finished, click on additional options and then add the description of your stream.
  • Decide if you want Live chat turned on or off. It’s an excellent method to communicate with your customers in real-time.
  • Click on the Show Less icon, and then choose the following button.
  • Once you’re ready, go live.
  • To stop the streaming, press the End stream button at the lower right.

Live stream via mobile

  • Go to YouTube. YouTube app.
  • Click on the camera icon located on the right
  • Select Go live
  • Include the title, and then decide on the privacy settings
  • Select the Additional options to allow you to provide a short description
  • Click on Show More to enable or disable the live chat feature, the age limit, disclosures, monetization, and age restriction.
  • Click Show Less and Next. Take a photo to use as the thumbnail
  • Choose Go Live
  • Click Finish, and then press Ok.

By using an encoder

A dedicated software requires a lot of learning initially, but as you are comfortable with it, you’ll see the benefits. It allows you to use different camera angles and an excellent microphone to record the audio. This will enable you to have more influence over your final output. The majority of big brands and YouTube celebrities are doing this.

  • Install the software for encoders.
  • Click the icon for camcorders at the top left corner
  • Click the Go Live and then choose the stream. Copy and Paste your stream’s previous settings quickly. Choose the new stream option if you want to make a fresh start.
  • Add the description, the title, and the timeframe of your stream.
  • Copy the stream key to the encoder
  • Navigate to the dashboard and choose Go Live
  • To stop the stream, hit the button to end the stream.

Here are some things to be aware of before Go Live

Live streaming is a fantastic way to gain credibility with people and let them know more about your business. You must decide ahead of time what the purpose of your live streaming is.

Once you have decided on the primary reason for the stream, you can begin planning. If it is to advertise the product, address public concerns, or simply discuss a particular topic, you’ll need to prepare.

If a group is involved, it is necessary to determine who will play what role. Making these decisions and assuming that you know the answer could create many problems in the future. It is important to have clear sight and try your best to stay live streaming.


There’s no ideal time to go live, but statistics aren’t lying. It is possible to live stream at any time; however, you’ll want to get the highest users engagement likely to achieve. Therefore, it is recommended to review the analytics of your video and search at the times that have the most engagement.

This is when most people will react to your video. In this way, you’ll be able to interact with the largest audience during your live streaming. You might also consider arranging your stream following the demographics of your nation since there’s a chance that the majority of your viewers may be from the exact location. So, you’ll be able to schedule the best stream for the largest audience.

Ask your followers when is the most suitable for streaming on the other platforms you have on your social media accounts. This way, you’ll get an idea of the times people will be willing to stream your videos.

Improve your configuration

Since you’re live, there is no room for errors. There is no chance to retake your shot, and there is no way to edit afterward. Review the frame of your image and then adjust the lighting. It is important to avoid shadows on your face. Also, examine the audio too. Record in a space that isn’t surrounded by much noise, and also the lighting is also adequate.

Charge your camera’s batteries and make sure you don’t distract yourself while streaming. Switch off notifications and turn your phone in silent. Any interruption in the stream can trigger problems for the systems. The microphone will pick up the ringtone of a call, so it is advised to turn off your phone before you call.

Promote the stream

Living isn’t easy, and you might not get the number of people you’d like to see. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make it known about the event. Include the link on your social media profiles and ask for people to join. YouTube Live and video clips are most effective when promoted through all of your social media channels.

The user can then be aware of your stream, and the maximum number of people can participate when you stream.

Interaction between the audience

YouTube live broadcasts can last an extended period, so it is important to recap periodically the topics you’re discussing. It is also important to develop a sense of anticipation for what you’d like to accomplish.

Let everyone know who you are and let your viewers know they are valued. The viewers have taken the time to view your channel. Live chat is an additional excellent way to receive direct feedback from the audience and address any issues directly to the viewers.

If you can count greater than 10,000 subscribers, you can turn on automatic captions, which make it easier for viewers to understand what you are speaking. This is especially helpful for people with hearing impairments or viewers from other countries who know your language.

Streaming, ensure that you use simple, clear language that is easy to understand. Be sure to provide sufficient information to avoid confusion later.

Check the Analytics

If you are looking to improve your content and improving your content, studying the stats can be an excellent method to determine what’s doing the best for you and what’s not. You can decide which areas of your audience are the most popular and at what times you work most. All of these can influence your stream.

Use all of this to get free YouTube likes and get the word out about yourmost popular platform. In this day and age, YouTube is a great platform for small and large-scale companies alike. The internet is a fantastic stager as well. With YouTube Live, you can bridge the gap between yourself and larger channels in a matter of minutes.

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