DIY fixes you should know to avoid poor print quality

Printing tasks can be time-consuming – especially when you have a voluminous document. Your printer might have stacked the pile of papers neatly, but what if there is a blob on page one, and you find the same thing on each successive page? You have no option but to toss the pile into the trash and start printing again. Poor print quality is found almost on every part of this planet, but you can fix the issue with a technical mind. This post will reveal DIY fixes you should know to avoid poor print quality. Keep walking with us to learn more!

DIY fixes for poor print quality:

Copy machines and printers are prone to various problems – no matter how tech-savvy and advanced. These devices can encounter issues that affect the print quality, and you can’t hand out these sloppy copies at your meeting. What do you need to do to avoid such problems? Do you need to call the experts every second day? No! You can follow DIY fixes to deal with these issues, and we have compiled a few for you. Let us roll through the list without any further ado!

1. Clean the copier:

A dirty scanner glass often leads to poor print quality, and it takes no technical skills to clean it. Keeping the copier cleaner will help you get clean copies, and you can distribute them happily in the meeting. If the print quality issue occurs only when you are copying and not printing, you probably need to clean the dirty glass. Many would never know about it but cleaning it is as simple as ABC.

However, you should be careful while cleaning the glass as using a cleaner with ammonia or abrasive can scratch the glass. It will further increase the problem, and you might have to replace it or call an expert to fix it. Avoid spraying liquid directly on the glass as it could penetrate the damaged machine part.

2. Always clean the slit glass:

Don’t forget to clean the copier’s slit glass, which could be the cause of your poor print quality. Your copies and scans can contain black lines if the slit glass is dirty. Usually found to the left of the huge glass plate, the slit glass is a thin strip. Do you want to avoid these issues as they are time-consuming? Hiring a Xerox printer from a reliable Xerox UAE company would be best!

Make sure your filing cabinets are tidy. Poor print quality will result from dirt and dust on the paper. Dust can enter the copier and build up on the mirrors and glass’s undersides. A skilled expert is needed to clean the innards of a copier because some disassembly is necessary.

3. Avoid staples:

Staples in the paper can affect the print quality, and people often find it too time-consuming to remove them. However, removing them with a staple remover is critical to ensure the end product is as fair as you want it to be. Since a staple remover is seldom around, you are tempted to print or copy paper with stapes.

Apart from poor print quality, you can also risk scratching the glass. Do you want it? Not by any means! Why not avoid using stapled papers to enhance print quality and save your printer glass? Scratches on the glass can lead to bad marks on the paper, and you can experience an expensive repair bill for the scratched glass.

4. Avoid using the wrong paper:

Another reason for poor print quality is using poor or wrong papers. If you have blurred printouts and your slit glass is clean, you probably are using the wrong paper. What if the paper is too rough or moist? It will never give you the desired print quality, and you may worry about it.

The best way to bypass this problem is to use better-quality papers. Also, you can adjust the setting and contrast according to the paper to obtain the desired quality. Do you want to rent the best printer for your office with high-end quality prints? You better contact Xerox UAE companies and rent a tech-savvy printer for the job!

5. Fix toner issues:

Copier toner can also lead to poor print quality as it could be the main culprit, and many avoid the issue. If you see white steaks appearing on your paper, you better pay attention to the toner, as the issue can be associated with that part. It can either be slow, which needs cleaning or replacement.

Printouts often have black streaks, which implies that the toner is scratched and needs replacement. Moreover, if you see lines at regular intervals, it also represents that your toner has a serious problem.

Manage your print jobs with a Xerox!

Xerox printers can enhance your printing tasks, and your office would never have seen a device like this. It is high time you contact reliable printer rental companies and boost your print jobs by renting a tech-savvy device like Xerox!

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