Shopify POS – How to Successful in the Christmas season using an Omni channel approach

Shopify POS

Omnichannel is the way of the future. The Corona crisis has dramatically accelerated this trend and proved that stationary commerce in conjunction with online commerce needs to be rethought. Particularly during the Advent season, it’s imperative to find innovative solutions like, for instance, Christmas markets customers in city centers can enjoy an enjoyable buying experience. Through its point-of sale solution Shopify is a POS , Shopify offers the solution to the question of how you can connect offline and online. Learn more about the way Shopify POS works, what you require to get it as well as the cost and the benefits it can offer for you as merchants on Shopify merchant.

What exactly is Shopify POS?

Shopify POS is an point of sale system which allows you to connect your Shopify store to brick-and-mortar shops. It’s also ideal for sales that are temporary and offline during trade fairs or pop-up stores. Shopify POS is thus the central instrument for managing your administration and sales processes. It is available through an application called the Shopify POS Application available to download to iOS or Android (but it only has limited functionality on Android). With Shopify it is possible to integrate your brick-and-mortar shops as a brand new channel for sales and, after a bit of preparation (more on the subject in a minute) it is possible to get everything in the way of providing a full retail customer experience.

What are the requirements for Shopify POS?

There’s a wide range of Shopify POS hardware that is essential for smooth operation: To be able to utilize the app at the store, it’s recommended to purchase the iPad equipped with a holder. A stand that swivels is best for turning it toward the customer when needed. The WisePad3 hardware designed by Shopify is able to function as a card reader within the EU from August 31st 2021. In addition a receipt printer barcode scanner, as well as a cash drawer for cash transactions are needed. This can be purchased from Shopify’s German Shopify Hardware Store To purchase. Shopify POS is a possibility to use within Germany legally-confirmed. GoBD compliance with accounting standards is assured. The tools are similar for example, like The Data Exporter app, to gather and transfer business data for tax auditors as well as tax offices.

What are the advantages from POS?

  • The main benefit is the ability to handle offline and online sales from a single source, and to be able to have a back office that handles all sales.
  • Inventory is manageable and predictable.
  • The ability to be independent of location, which can be used to create an application.
  • The synchronized profiles of customers allow for targeted marketing and addressing (e.g. by discount coupons)
  • Reports and statistics integrated provide information on, for instance high-performing and low-performing products. For instance, high-performing ones can be sold quickly in order to boost cash flow, while weak ones could be sold and discounted to cut down on storage costs.
  • The app is distinguished by a user-friendly layout, filters and the ability to search across multiple channels.
  • Flexible app due to the flexible Smart Grid, which can be further developed with other apps, like appointment booking, should it be required.

What is the cost of Shopify POS?

Basic version: Basic edition is completely free and is included in each Shopify plan. However, it is restricted in its capabilities as illustrated in the next section. If you’re interested in using the full power of Shopify of the software, we recommend the Shopify POS Professional that costs $89 per month for each store. However, if you’re already a Shopify Plus customer, Shopify POS is available for free.

What additional benefits does Shopify Pro offer?

  • Click and Collect – Your customers can choose to pay with more choices, e.g. place an order on the online store or pick the order up from the stores or shop in and get delivery to the residence.
  • Unlimited number of staff and cash registers.
  • More detailed statistics on your company (e.g. weekly sales figures).
  • Role management and employee rights lets you set the level of access for your employees and gives you the ability to control information and workflows. This is particularly important when you operate from multiple locations and/or large numbers of employees to safeguard sensitive data about customers and financial transactions.


The Q4 was the best quarter in terms of online shopping sales. If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, now is the perfect opportunity to test Shopify POS to leverage synergies and cross-channel benefits. Even if your store has been selling online only so far this year, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to provide your customers with an exclusive shopping experience by launching an online store that pops up like.

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