These 6 Reasons are why you Should Pursue MBA in Canada

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In current times, Canada has become one of the most targeted destinations for MBA abroad. As a result, international student numbers in the country have increased significantly and only seem to go up. With tons of top schools in the world, Canada excels in post-grad opportunities for MBA. Excellent education paired up with prosperous career opportunities, MBA in Canada attracts millions of international students worldwide to pursue an MBA there.

6 Major Reasons to Pursue MBA from Canada

There can only be so many reasons to do an MBA in Canada. Apart from the country being home to some exceptional b schools, the subsidiary benefits you get from a Canadian MBA are more significant. Consider this; would you rather stay and work in the country after graduation with an MBA or return to your home country? A career in Canada would be much better. But to get so, you have to pass through many hurdles.

Things like these affect your career outcomes after graduation. Canada is not only flexible in terms of working abroad and immigration; it has many other vital benefits. However, it’s nearly possible to list all of them.

Here are 6 reasons why you should pursue MBA in Canada:

Top Business Schools for Pursue MBA

Canada is home to some of the best business schools in the world. You will find the best MBA schools in Canada. Names like Schulich and UBC Sauder are globally recognized for their unique excellent business programs. And these are not even the best ones in the country. More and more Canadian business schools have climbed in rankings in recent years. In addition, you can choose from many MBA programs that excel in other thighs. For example, Rotuman MBA is famous for finance and consulting. While on the other hand, Ivey is known for its case-based MBA program.

Here are the top b schools in Canada for MBA:

  • Toronto (Rotuman)
  • Queen’s (Smith)
  • Western (Ivey)
  • McGill (Desalters)
  • York (Schulich)
  • UBC (Sauder)

Excellent MBA Salary

With excellent MBA courses and excelling careers, the earning of an MBA graduate in Canada is quite impressive. Compared to countries like the USA and UK, Canada ranks better for student and career satisfaction. One among many reasons for this is the salary an MBA graduate holds in the country. According to Pascale and Glassdoor, the average salary for MBA degree holders in Canada is CAD 83,000 (over 50 lakhs). With caliber and experience, this number goes even more upwards.

Relevant Industries (Specializations)

If you are not sure of the field of work after an MBA, it gets tougher to make it work. Because choosing an MBA from a location comes with many interlinked elements. For example, what if the most prosperous business areas are not good in the county, or your MBA program lacks electives to provide a career in top business industries? The Canadian business market excelled in the leading business industries worldwide. Notable names include; finance, marketing, international business, supply chain management, human resource and operations.

Best Investment for Your Future Pursue MBA

Because of the lower cost of education and lifestyle compared to the USA and UK, Canada is considered the ‘best investment for your future.’ At a lower price, Canada’s career development and earnings for an MBA graduate do not fall short. Ultimately, you get the highest return on your investment (ROI). And what’s better than getting a more significant ROI? Also, some other reasons are the next coming ahead.

Easy Visa & Immigration

When you complete your MBA degree from a top location, the obvious thing to do is find a job there. There’s not much logic to locating to a different country for a career unless you have specific plans. Students often face issues during their immigration process after graduation. Also, the visa procedure during admission tends to consume time and frustration. In Canada, the visa process has simple steps and gets done fast. On the other hand, the country is very welcoming, and immigration in Canada is not strict.

Lifestyle & Environment

Canada is among the top tourist spots in the world. Plus, people from all around the world visit and settle down in Canada. While pursuing our MBA in the country, you experience a diverse culture and community. The people there are amiable and welcome you everywhere. In addition, there are countless NGOs and helping organizations that assist students in any manner possible. Not to forget, out of all significant educational countries, Canada has the lowest crime rates, making the country the safest place to study abroad.


Without a doubt, Canada is a place to consider when pursuing an MBA abroad. It has top business schools, top business industries, excellent earning potential, better career development and a diverse lifestyle. Along with all these, Canada packs a high ROI for MBA graduates. It’s more than enough to consider Canada twice.

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