Exploring the All-New Hyundai Exter: Where Adventure Meets Exceptional  Style

The Hyundai Exter enters the compact SUV market as a game-changer with a launch price of Rs 6 Lakh in  New Delhi (ex-showroom). It stands out in Hyundai’s portfolio, offering a unique blend of adventure  readiness and stylish urban design. The Exter is specifically tailored for diverse Indian consumers, from  those needing a reliable city vehicle to adventure enthusiasts seeking weekend escapades. It combines  Hyundai’s signature design flair with practical functionality, making it a versatile and attractive option in  its segment.

Engine and Performance 

The Exter’s 1.2 L Kappa Petrol engine, engineered for optimal balance between power and fuel efficiency,  provides a smooth and responsive driving experience. Ideal for both urban commuting and highway  driving, the engine pairs seamlessly with a 5-Speed AMT gearbox, enhancing the driving pleasure in  various road conditions. This engine setup in the Exter demonstrates Hyundai’s expertise in creating  vehicles that are both enjoyable to drive and reliable.

Mileage and Efficiency 

The Hyundai Exter’s impressive fuel efficiency, ranging from 19.2 kmpl to 27.1 km/kg, is a significant highlight. This efficiency makes the Exter a practical choice for cost-conscious and environmentally aware  consumers, embodying Hyundai’s commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable vehicle design.

Dimensions and Design 

The Hyundai Exter’s well-balanced dimensions are a key aspect of its design, offering spaciousness within  a compact exterior. Its modern and striking design ensures that it looks at home in urban settings while  still offering the practicality and space typically found in larger SUVs. The Exter’s design is both functional  and aesthetically pleasing, appealing to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Interior Comfort and Style 


The Hyundai Exter interior of the Hyundai Exter is crafted with attention to detail, focusing on maximizing comfort and  luxury. The quality of materials, combined with an ergonomic and user-friendly layout, makes the interior  space inviting and comfortable for both drivers and passengers. The Exter’s cabin is a reflection of  Hyundai’s dedication to providing a premium in-car experience.

Exterior Aesthetics 

The Hyundai Exter’s exterior design embodies Hyundai’s modern design philosophy. Its sleek contours and  stylish elements like LED lighting and alloy wheels enhance its road presence. The addition of a sunroof  not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also brings an element of openness, making drives more  enjoyable.

Advanced Safety Features 

Safety is paramount in the Hyundai Exter, with a suite of advanced safety features ensuring peace of mind  for all occupants. These include state-of-the-art systems and multiple airbags, showcasing Hyundai’s  unwavering commitment to safety across its vehicle lineup.

Entertainment and Connectivity 

In the Hyundai Exter, staying connected and entertained is effortless, thanks to its advanced infotainment  system and modern connectivity features. The inclusion of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay ensures  seamless integration with smartphones, enhancing the in-car experience.

Exter Car Price 

Offering excellent value for money, the Hyundai Exter is competitively priced at Rs 6 Lakh in New Delhi  (ex-showroom). This pricing strategy is designed to make the Exter accessible to a wide spectrum of  customers, ensuring more people can experience Hyundai’s quality and innovation.

Hyundai Exter is much more than a typical compact SUV. It represents a harmonious blend of style,  comfort, and technology, all wrapped in an affordable package. From its powerful engine to its luxurious  interior and advanced safety features, the Exter is designed to cater to a variety of needs and preferences.  Whether you’re an urban commuter, a weekend adventurer, or someone who appreciates fine design,  the Hyundai Exter stands ready to exceed expectations and redefine your driving experience.


Q: What are the key safety features in the Hyundai Exter? 

A: The Hyundai Exter comes equipped with advanced safety features like an Anti-Lock Braking System, six  airbags, and an electronic stability control system, ensuring maximum safety for all passengers.

Q: How does the Hyundai Exter perform in terms of fuel efficiency? 

A: The Hyundai Exter offers impressive fuel efficiency, with a mileage range of 19.2 kmpl to 27.1 km/kg, making it both economical and eco-friendly.

Q: What is the price range of the Hyundai Exter in India? 

A: The Hyundai Exter is priced starting at Rs 6 Lakh in New Delhi (ex-showroom), offering excellent value  for its range of features and performance.

Q: Does the Hyundai Exter come with connectivity features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay? 

A: Yes, the Hyundai Exter includes modern connectivity features such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and a state-of-the-art infotainment system for a connected and enjoyable driving experience.

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