How do Dental Implants Work and Their Benefits?

Dental Implants

Tooth loss is a very common affair, even after the technological advancements in dentistry Dental Implants. There are many reasons why a person loses their teeth; it can be the result of an injury, decay, or even a dental disease like periodontal. The common remedies for such issues were dentures or bridges, but they had their own set of issues, which gave rise to the need for a permanent solution, and thereby dental implants came into place. 

Dental extraction was the common solution resorted to when there was a dental disease or injury. After the extraction, it was left the way it was, which gave rise to bone resorption, which contributed to the spacing of teeth, the loosening of other teeth, and changes in the facial structure. Bridges replaced it, but they had their own set of drawbacks. It jeopardizes the integrity of two adjacent teeth and is still not a cure for bone resorption. 

This created a need for a better solution that stops bone resorption while maintaining functionality and ensuring that facial and bone structures remain intact. Hence, dental implants could preserve the natural look and also help preserve the original bone structure, provided they were done within the said time frame.

How do Dental Implants Work?

Dentists recommend dental implant only when the patient has strong gums and a good bone structure. This is because it is an oral surgical procedure. The first step to a dental implant is to insert a titanium base into the space of the natural tooth. Once this is done, the bones and gum structure are given time to heal from the process, thereby giving a stronger foundation for the dental implant. It is done after giving sedatives to the patient so that they suffer little to no pain from the procedure. 

The next phase is to place the connector, which is then used to mount the ceramic crown, which is the ideal alternative to replacing the natural tooth. Even when the procedure is complete, it is necessary to go for frequent visits to the dentist. Make sure to follow the instructions as suggested by the dentist and also keep your oral hygiene intact. Only when you follow them will you be able to ensure the longevity of the implants.

Dental implants are an extremely expensive affair.It must be done with care and precision. So, when selecting a dentist, make sure to do your homework.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have been a boon to all those who have suffered from a lack of confidence due to a missing tooth. It is a well-thought-out decision because an outsider will never be able to find any change as it does not change the natural look. The positives of dental implants outweigh the negatives at any given time. Here are some of the benefits of opting for dental implants in case you have suffered a tooth loss:

  •  Dental Implants are Versatile

Past procedures like bridges, partial dentures, full dentures, etc. had many definite drawbacks when compared to dental implants. There were restrictions on how these procedures could be carried out, depending on the tooth that had been lost. Dental implant are versatile and unique as they provide solutions in multiple ways. If only a single tooth has to be replaced, it can be replaced with a crown, or if there is a need for multiple replacements, they can be implanted with partial or full dentures. 

  • No restrictions on food

Dental implants impose no restrictions on the food groups. You can eat all kinds of foods after a dental implant, and it restores the normal chewing capacity of your teeth. Dental implant are rooted firmly to the jawbones, and as they are solid structures, they do not come with any limitations when compared to traditional dentures. It allows you to be normal and flexible and gives you the opportunity to eat whatever you want without fear of the denture slipping out of your mouth and embarrassing yourself. 

  • Comfortability

The dental implants are given immense support as they are directly rooted in the jawbones, which gives the prosthetic better support and sturdiness. During the healing process after the titanium base is inserted, the jaw bones grow around it and hold the base in place. The added stability doesn’t even make you feel that they are implants, and they give the teeth the most natural functioning. Loosening of the teeth is out of the question, unlike with other forms of traditional dentures. 

  • No speech discomfort

The loss of the front teeth can cause a surprising number of differences in speech. Certain sounds require our tooth structure to be normal, and this in turn can impact a person’s confidence. There is a possibility of slurred speech and even word slips. Dental implants ensure that there won’t be any chances of embarrassment or even the need to be less confident. The gaps between teeth are easily fixed with the help of dental implant, and as they have a firm foundation, there is no tension from the dentures slipping around in your mouth. 

  • The implant appears natural.

The natural outlook is one of the promising features of getting a dental implant. It restores the spirit of the person, as not even he or she will be able to tell the difference between natural teeth and dental implants. The dental implant are made with extreme precision and care and are tailor-made to every individual’s needs and facial structure. You can smile heartily, as the tone of the gums is even replicated exactly to match the rest of the ones in your mouth. 

  • Oral health is improved

Dental implant can be an intimidating procedure to even think of. However, dentists nowadays advise their patients to get dental implants because of the benefits they provide and because they eliminate the possibility of bone resorption. Dental implant do not affect the existing teeth in any way. Dental implants mimic the natural teeth as they are also equally supported by the jawbones, unlike traditional dentures. 

  • Durability

Dental implants have a long-term life when compared to other traditional denture procedures. If you follow the tips of the dentists, which promote oral hygiene, the dental implants can easily last a lifetime. So, the little pain you have doesn’t come repeatedly, as traditional dentures need to be replaced every 5–15 years, irrespective of how well you take care of them. So, dental implant are the best choice as they are durable and do not need any kind of adjustment every now and then.

Dental implants are one of the best dental procedures for resolving many of the issues faced by people who have lost their confidence. It is a very intensive procedure, so make sure to find an expert before getting your implants. Contact your nearest dental clinic in kochi to learn more.

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