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Sofas are the perfect resting spot while you are surfing through Netflix, catching up over a mug of coffee or simply relaxing with the family there is no better place to enjoy these activities. cleaning specialists While lolling on the sofa you could be extra cautious to avoid spillages and stains but as a matter of fact there is actually no way to avoid those. Moreover with everyday usage grime invariably builds over your sofa in course of time which may result in stenches and discoloration. In order to deal with these practical issues normally people spend a lot of money and fill up their shopping trolleys with those costly fabric cleansing products. How about if we tell you about a better option?

In order to provide a fresh lease of life to your upholstery there is no need to dump all those commercially manufactured cleansing products and neither there is the need to spend all those money. Just a few natural ingredients most of which are already there in your kitchen shelves are enough to keep you going. In the following section of the post let us explore tried, tested and easy natural ways of cleaning sofa fabrics.

But before you start the actual cleansing you must check the individual cleaning codes mentioned for the sofa fabrics; these codes are mostly found on the underside of a sofa cushion. Before applying any cleansing solution it is also important to conduct a spot test at some discreet, inconspicuous corner of the sofa.

Start with giving the sofa a thorough brushing

In order to provide a proper and effective deep clean to your sofa the best thing is to remove any crumb or dirt build up from the sofa surface as well as the sofa cushions suggests a professional who provides the service of upholstery cleaning near me in London for years together. Brush the upholstery using a clean and dry piece of cloth making sure to reach out to all the nooks and corners that are there. Suppose there is a dried on spot or two for which you must use a stiff brush.

If the sofa is of any light colour you must use a white piece of cloth to avoid the dye from the cloth getting transferred to the sofa fabric and resulting in discolouration.

Getting rid of stench or bad smell

Steam cleaning is the best option for natural sofa fabrics

Sofa fabrics have a peculiar tendency, they hold on to smells easily from pets, spillages and also natural gases. In course of time this grows into an unpleasant scent which is never the best thing to entertain your guests with. Many people will suggest you to use upholstery deodoriser to get rid of this kind of smells but they need to know that this is only a temporary solution to the problem. The deodoriser will have its action only for an hour or two and then the stench will reappear. Using a natural, absolutely homemade fabric cleaner it is possible to get rid of those stenches permanently and moreover preparing such natural cleansers is also quite easy.

Removing smells from sofa fabrics

Things you require – baking soda (most probably which you will get in your kitchen) and dry carpet cleaner although this item is optional.

The procedure

  • First you are getting rid of any crumb from the surface of the sofa
  • Sprinkle moderate quantity of baking soda on the sofa covering its entire surface
  • Allow the baking soda to settle on the sofa surface for about 25 minutes to half an hour
  • Now vacuum the sofa using a brush attachment

If the stench is too powerful consider mixing baking soda with dry carpet cleanser and the rest of the procedure is same as above assures a professional trained in upholstery cleaning in London. But in case the mixture of baking soda and dry carpet cleanser proves insufficient to deal with the stink you can make use of a handheld steam cleaner and this time your mission is most surely to be successful.

Shifting stains

Fabric sofas offer unparalleled cosiness but on the flip side those prove to be worst in repelling deep stains and spillages and if you have already knocked a glass of red wine on your sofa can connect to the fact more easily. The good thing is clearing away stubborn stains is not only possible but also quite easy and for that there is no need to make use of industrially manufactured hard, toxic, chemicals.

Removing stains from sofa fabric

Things that you require – baking soda, white vinegar, washing up liquid and warm water

The procedure

  • Take about a teaspoon full of the liquid detergent, baking soda and white vinegar
  • Mix all the ingredients together and add sufficient quantity of warm water top form lather (Ideally the mixture should froth up as vinegar and baking soda react with each other)
  • Apply this mixture on the stains directly and let it dry out which will take some 15 to 20 minutes explains an upholstery cleaning specialist in London
  • Once the mixture dries up you have to wipe the sofa surface clean from the dried up lather using a clean piece of cloth
  • Thus you are left with stain-free sofas once again that look fresh and inviting

The combination of baking soda and white vinegar is a powerful cleaning formula which works wonders on tough stains. The two ingredients react with one another to form an acidic substance which removes grime and grease from almost any surface quite convincingly.

The mixture of baking soda and white vinegar also works wonders as a natural and reliable carpet cleaner. You can use this homemade mixture to remove stains from your carpets and to make your carpets appear fresh and clean.

If your sofa or couch has undergone years of wear and tear then cleaning itself is not sufficient to restore it to its former glory. In such cases upholstering the sofa usually proves to be the most suitable option. Sofa cleaning experts working at the renowned VIP Carpet Cleaning London suggest if there is no cleaning solution within your access it is a good idea to use a sofa cover to hide unsightly stains.

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