Best 1 Year MBA in Canada 2021


Why MBA in Canada?

Although Masters in Business Administration is a popular course in continents like Europe and Asia, Canada has seen a surge in application for MBA in the last few years. There are several reasons why students choose Canada over other countries:

1.   Easy Visas

When applying for an MBA in countries like the UK, USA, France, Spain, the biggest challenge that most students face is getting a visa. However, in Canada it’s comparatively easier to apply and qualify for a visa. In fact, with a student visa in Canada you’ll get an extended time-period to work after graduation.

2.   Developing job market

With growing job markets in different industries like technology, management, science, etc. Canada has become one of the fastest growing job markets. It requires professionals with a formal degree to hold managerial positions in top companies.

3.   Fascinating lifestyle

In Canada the lifestyle is extremely fascinating as the people believe in maintaining work-life balance. It’s not like you keep working non-stop without getting time to actually live your life. Besides, you get to experience the multicultural environment and fun activities to keep yourself going.

4.   Higher paying jobs

As mentioned above, Canada has a wider scope of placement in top companies, which further makes it one of the best destinations to get paid a higher salary for specific positions.

5.   Feasible education

Usually, your aim to study in abroad comes with a budget constraint. However, if your desired location is Canada you may save yourself from that challenge. It is because the fee for MBA in Canada is comparatively lower. In addition, several grants, scholarships and loans are also offered by the schools to the applicants to  finance their studies.

Top colleges offering 1 Year MBA in Canada

MBA is a highly-regarded program by students looking forward to building a career in the business world. However, several students aim to speed up the process of learning by opting for a 1 year MBA program.

We’ve listed down top universities offering 1 year MBA in Canada:

1.   University of Toronto

University of Toronto offers a 13-months Executive MBA program. Here, you will get extensive knowledge to prepare you for senior and executive working professional roles. Further, you will get insights from industry experts and apply your learnings in the real business world.

2.   Ivey Business School

Ivey Business school’s 1 year MBA program is designed for students who wish to achieve their career goals in less time. Here, you will get to build connections with a vast alumni network and receive guidance from Canada’s top-ranked career management team.

3.   McGill University

Although McGill University offers both 1 year and 2 years MBA programs there’s not much difference in terms of fundamental and advanced concepts that are taught. The 1 year  from McGill is a 48-credit program with no internship opportunity. You may also choose your elective from a wide range of subjects listed by the school.

1 year MBA v/s 2 years MBA

1.   Educational Background

People from different educational backgrounds can opt for a 2-year MBA program. On the other hand, students coming from a business or management field can apply for the one-year program as it is a fast-paced and intense program with mostly advanced courses.

2.   Internship opportunity

In a 2-year MBA program, almost every school offers an internship opportunity either during or at the end of the program. However, in a 1-year  program usually such opportunities are not provided. Still, there are programs like University of Toronto that provide 1 month internship to the  students in addition to their 1 year degree.


A 1-year MBA program from Canada is a great way to start your career, especially when you can’t devote more time to completing your degree. However, you may need to choose the right school, where you get to learn from experts that can guide you throughout the program.

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